New feature: mount local file systems in Gnome, please test

Andreas Schildbach andreas at
Sat Dec 16 16:18:57 UTC 2006

Martin Pitt wrote:

> as specified for feisty [1] we want to handle spare fixed hard disk
> partitions in a similarly easy way as we handle removable drives.
> [...]
> I welcome any testing feedback (to ubuntu-devel-discuss@ or as bug
> reports against gnome-mount or hal).

It works as expected. However, I get the label "51.7 GB Volume" instead 
of something like "hda1". When I mount the volume, the name shows as 
"51.7 GB Volume: _", and it is mounted under /media/_.

This feels a little uncomfortable. Where are you getting the underscore 
from? How will a second partition be named? Is it possible for the user 
to name a partition, if you (as a developer) don't want to confront 
users with "hda1" etc?

Anyway, thanks for this little feature! I like that I now can 
mount/unmount fixed drive partitions with the GUI.



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