New feature: mount local file systems in Gnome, please test

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Phillip Susi [2006-12-13 17:15 -0500]:
> What about partitions that are flagged as user mountable in fstab?  What 
> about partitions that are not listed in /etc/fstab at all?  

hal only ignores partitions that are marked as 'auto' in fstab. If
they are not mounted when the session starts, then something has
seriously gone wrong and we shouldn't try and touch them with the GUI.
'user' partitions are usually 'noauto', and if a partition is not
mentioned in fstab, it's not automatically mounted at boot either, so
in both cases you can use the GUI now for mounting them.

> Will those be auto mounted with pmount the way removable disks are?

First, pmount is not used any more in Gnome. Second, these partitions
will never be automatically mounted because only root can do that.
The change is that the GUI offers you to mount these partitions
through gksu, which obviously cannot (and should not) happen


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