New feature: mount local file systems in Gnome, please test

Ernst Persson ernstp at
Tue Dec 12 08:54:16 UTC 2006

(Oh, there's a new mailing list!)
Hi Martin,

this sounds great! I assume it's both the desktop and gtk's filechooser that
are affected?

Could this be extended so that usermounted fuse mounts show up there also?
If I mount an ISO with fuse-iso somewhere in my home directory for example.

/Ernst Persson

On 12/12/06, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> as specified for feisty [1] we want to handle spare fixed hard disk
> partitions in a similarly easy way as we handle removable drives. So
> far those were not displayed at all on the desktop and it required
> some command line runes or things like disks-admin (which disappeared
> from Edgy) to use fixed hard disk partitions.
> With today's upload of gnome-mount_0.5 2ubuntu3 and last week's upload
> of hal , you will now get icons for hard disk
> partitions which are *not* automatically mounted from fstab, and can
> mount them the usual way from the context menu, diskmounter applet,
> etc.
> gksu verifies that you are an admin and gets the necessary root
> privilege for the mounting. If you are not in the 'admin' group, then
> you cannot mount local hard disks.
> Known caveats:
> - The diskmounter applet wants to eject fixed hard disks and gives an
>    empty error dialog (unomunting works, though). I'll fix that soon.
> - Non-admins will see icons for fixed hard disk partitions, too,
>    although they cannot mount them. This is because the visibility of
>    those are determined by hal, so they are global. If it's too
>    annoying, I can patch gnome-vfs to hide them for non-admins
> I welcome any testing feedback (to ubuntu-devel-discuss@ or as bug
> reports against gnome-mount or hal).
> Thanks,
> pitti
> [1]
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