Minutes of the Developer Membership Board Meeting 2013-04-08

Barry Warsaw barry at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 8 15:17:37 UTC 2013

Present: barry (chair), bdrung, laney, tumbleweed


== 2013-04-08 ==

 * Review of previous action items
   * Micah to urgently send feedback on Bjorn's PPU application.  

   After further discussion, and in consultation with bdrung who has been
   sponsoring Bjorn closely, we have decided not to wait on this any longer.

'''ACTION:''' bdrung to send short summary to the dmb list, sweetshark, and
dholbach providing his feedback on recent sponsorships.

'''ACTION:''' barry to initiate new vote on sweetshark's ppu application on
the dmb mailing list (no meeting necesssary).

'''ACTION:''' barry to inform sweetshark and dholbach of these actions

 * Package Sets: There were no objections to Gediminas' request to add to the
   zope and schooltool package sets.

'''ACTION:''' tumbleweed to push the buttons on the package set additions.

 * There were no new membership requests this week.

 * No results from the doodle poll on changing the early meeting time were
   available yet.

 * No further updates on decoupling PPU from membership, though this will be
   put on the agenda for next time. 

 * Next chair: Benjamin

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