Simplified Main Inclusion Request process

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Jan 4 16:42:55 GMT 2010

Hello Ubuntu developers,

after some discussion in the MIR team and on ubuntu-devel@ [1], we
simplified the Main Inclusion Request process to require much less

What we really want is reporters to go through the checklist and
discuss the violations of the MIR requirement standards in the bug
report with the MIR team, not write lengthy wiki pages with
boilerplate text (especially not for trivial packages like perl

Thus wiki page reports will not be used at all any more from now on.
Instead, we will just use MIR bugs, and discuss the package problems
there (as we already do) and reduce a MIR to the rationale and a

  I checked UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements and those were the problems:
    - ...


  I checked that the package meets the UbuntuMainInclusionRequirements.

I updated the new process documentation [2] and also ensured that the
requirement checklist [3] is up to date.




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