Transparency and keeping everybody on the same page

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Dec 11 11:58:22 GMT 2009

Hello everybody,

the project has grown so much that it's harder and harder for everybody
to follow what's going on in each and every team and across the board.
There's a lot of different cases where this becomes obvious:

  * An announce sent to a team list might be missed by others who it
    might concern as well.
  * A conversation in a bug report might not get the exposure it
    actually deserves.
  * An announce didn't hit the mailing list, but was in a couple of
    blog posts.
  * etc.

In the vast majority of cases there is no active secrecy going on, but
more of an oversight that causes others to be out of the loop, which
might result in duplicated work, wasted efforts and frustration.

To help to solve the problem a number of us sat down at UDS and tried to
figure out common cases where slips like the ones above might happen and
have happened and how to avoid them. The outcome of this is an updated

This page tries to help identify information that is worth announcing
and documenting and how to best do that.

Please share the page with others that might benefit from it and please
feel free to improve the page with more information to avoid
misinformation and lack of information on the general team.

Thanks in advance.

Have a great day,

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