Surprises ...

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Thu Oct 23 02:31:28 BST 2008

... we'd rather not have any. Release preparation is a painstaking
business! Please read this mail carefully.

Right now, this is our list of release-critical bugs (that *must* be
fixed or deferred before release):

We're also paying a good deal of attention to the list that includes
targets of opportunity as well:

As we come up towards release, we need to be especially careful about
managing these lists, and developers can help by making sure that they
contain all the relevant bugs, and *only* the relevant bugs. Here are
some general guidelines for release-relevant bug management:

  * If you have an important bug on your plate that should be fixed for
    8.10 final but that isn't on /ubuntu/intrepid/+bugs, then we need to
    know about it NOW. Nominate or target it for the intrepid release
    (depending on your privileges), and find a member of the
    ubuntu-release team on IRC to acknowledge it. Depending on the size
    of the package and the riskiness of the update, we may say no or
    suggest some kind of alternative, but we'd much rather know than be

  * If you have any kind of upload to do before 8.10 final, then get it
    into the upload queue *as soon as possible* (it will be held there
    for approval). Anything uploaded later than the end of this week has
    a substantially decreased chance of being accepted, as at the start
    of next week we will need to lock down the archive completely for
    final builds and testing, and there is little room for error.

    As far as main and restricted go, this is generally only appropriate
    for language packs and critical/high targeted bugs; contact the
    ubuntu-release team in case of doubt. For universe and multiverse,
    contact motu-release or the relevant flavour delegate (see
    Resist the temptation to bundle non-release-critical fixes with your
    upload; those increase both the risk of regressions and the risk
    that the release team will say no.

  * If the bug is on /ubuntu/intrepid/+bugs and isn't going to be fixed
    in the 8.10 series at all (neither in the main release, nor in an
    update) then mark the intrepid task "Won't Fix". If necessary,
    Launchpad will create a new task filed against the relevant package
    without a release when you do this.

  * If the bug is on /ubuntu/intrepid/+bugs and won't be fixed in the
    main 8.10 release, but is expected to be fixed in a post-release
    update, then set the 'intrepid-updates' milestone.

  * If the bug isn't going to be fixed for 8.10 but its presence is
    likely to cause trouble for a significant number of users, then
    consider whether it deserves a release note. If so, add a task on
    the 'ubuntu-release-notes' project, and provide sample text if
    possible (see my previous mail).


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