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Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Thu Oct 16 15:18:57 BST 2008


just a quick follow-up in regards to universe/multiverse:

For universe and multiverse uploads, FinalFreeze, where each upload should get 
approved by motu-release (or a delegate) will start on Thursday, 23rd 
October. Until that, the regular FeatureFreeze rules [1] apply. 

Nonetheless, please take extra care when uploading a package, and try to keep 
your changes as less invasive as possible, in order to avoid last minute 

Please also take care when touching packages from derivatives residing in 
universe/multiverse, as to not break the CD-building of the release 
candidates for these.

An up to date list of delegates can be found here:

Looking ahead, the release of Intrepid Ibex is planned to happen at October 
30th, so please beware that the archive will be frozen solid probably four 
days before that date. Hence no updates to universe/multiverse can be issued 
after the solid freeze.

Thanks for getting the release into shape,
    Stefan on behalf of motu-release.
[1]: <>
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