Minutes from the Ubuntu Technical Board meeting, 2008-06-03

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 3 21:20:58 BST 2008

== Attendance ==


Matt Zimmerman (chair)
Scott James Remnant (board member)
Till Kamppeter
Jamie Strandboge
Martin Pitt
Stephan Hermann
Soren Hansen
Kees Cook
Chuck Short
Mathias Gug

== Ubuntu Core Developer application from Till Kamppeter ==

The MOTU council recommended Till Kamppeter for membership in the core
development team:


In the course of the interview, it was agreed that more limited access
privileges would be sufficient and appropriate for Till to continue his work
on printing in Ubuntu.

launchpad does not yet provide this type of fine-grained access control, but
it is expected in the near future.  As such, the board resolved to grant
Till membership in ubuntu-core-dev, to be transitioned to the new mechanism
once it becomes available.  In the meantime, Till agreed to voluntarily
limit his use of ubuntu-core-dev privileges to the relevant set of packages
(to be agreed with the board separately).

== Ubuntu Core Developer application from Jamie Strandboge ==

The MOTU council recommended Jamie Strandboge for membership in the core
development team:


The board approved Jamie's application and welcomed him to the core
development team.

 - mdz

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