network manager 0.7 bug reporting + 3G (hardware) testing

Alexander Sack asac at
Mon Aug 11 14:46:38 BST 2008


One of the important features we want to support in intrepid is
out-of-the-box 3g support [0].

Now that Network Manager 0.7 has entered the archive, I’d like to to
ask you to test your 3g hardware with it and report your findings to
the 3G Hardware page on the wiki [1]. We want to hear about all results –
good and bad ones. Just remember to open a bug in launchpad and link
it to your result on that wiki page.

How to test

If you are running intrepid, you just need to apt-get upgrade to get
the current network-manager 0.7. Alternatively, you can also use the
Network Manager PPA [2] which usually has even more recent snapshots
in it.

If you are using hardy, the PPA [2] is currently the only source to
track network manager 0.7 progress in ubuntu.

Furthermore, the daily intrepid livecd's [3] come with NetworkManager
0.7. Please test them as well.

Known issues

1. We have dropped all driver tweaks for now. This means you most
likely see regressions with orinoco and madwifi/ath drivers.

2. /etc/network/interfaces is currently not recognized. Better remove
all entries (except the “iface lo” one) from it to avoid confusing
behavior. The long term idea is to provide legacy backend for
network-manager that parses your /etc/network/interfaces as good as
possible. If thats not enough for some you probably will have to
uninstall network-manager. In case our legacy backend will not reach a
stable enough state for intrepid, we might go back to the dumb
“blacklisting” approach we used in hardy.

3. network manager applet has no UI to disconnect a particular
interface. So do not get confused if you suddenly are connected to
wired and wireless at the same time.

4. VPN plugins are not yet available. I added an initial package for
the openvpn plugin to the Network Manager PPA [2] (intrepid only) for
now. Once I have good feedback I will do the same for the other vpn
variants and eventually upload those packages to the real archive.

How to report bugs

To file a bug [4], please follow the instructions below:

In general, Network Manager 0.7 bugs should have the word “0.7” in
their bug summary; in this way I can easily filter them out.

If you encounter connectivity issues with Network Manager 0.7 and your
wifi/wired setup, please attach your complete syslog taken after you
reproduced your issue.

If you see crashes of the daemon, please install the dbgsym packages
locally (libnm-glib0-dbgsym, libnm-util0-dbgsym,
network-manager-dbgsym), reproduce the crash and attach the stacktrace
that gets dumped to syslog to the bug.

If you are having 3g issues, please attach the complete output of
lshal as well.

Please remember to search the current network-manager bugs [5] to
avoid filing duplicates. However, if in doubt, open a new bug rather
than adding information to potential duplicates. Just name the bug you
think you might see a dupe off in your new bug; we will sort them out

[0] -
[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -
[5] -

( fwiw, I also blogged this here: )

 - Alexander

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