Next MOTU meeting and Next MOTU Council meeting

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Feb 23 12:05:50 GMT 2007

Hello everybody,

we just had the first MC meeting and decided on the following dates:

      * MOTU meeting: Tue, Mar 6th, 20:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting on -
      * MC meeting: Fri, Mar 16th, 10:00 UTC - #ubuntu-meeting on -

We'll stick to a rhythm, where we have a MOTU and a MC meeting every
three weeks. As it's organized right now does this mean that it's either
a MOTU or MC meeting every 1,5 weeks.

Both the MOTU and MC meeting are public and open for everybody to
participate. In neither of them we'll review membership applications.
The process for that is explained at

MC meetings require the MOTU Council to be there, so that problem which
require a decision by the MC (policy changes, etc) can be resolved.

See you in the next meetings.

Have a nice day,

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