countdown to Hardy Alpha 2

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Sat Dec 15 00:44:40 GMT 2007

Dear developers,

With the DebianImportFreeze now in effect[1], it's time to nudge another
baby heron out of the nest and hope it flies better than this broken
metaphor: it's time for Hardy Alpha 2.

The second alpha for Hardy Heron is scheduled for Thursday, December 20.
Given the success of the self-imposed freeze[2] used for Alpha 1, we will
continue with this policy for Alpha 2.  Once again, we are asking you the
developers to refrain from uploading packages between Tuesday and Thursday
which don't bring us closer to releasing the alpha, so that these days can
be used for settling the archive and fixing any remaining showstoppers.

With the round of installer problems that delayed Alpha 1 shaken out, we
look forward to delivering an Alpha 2 that's just a little more polished, as
well as on time.  As before, the lack of a hard freeze means that the
timetable is not entirely under the release team's control; on the other
hand, Friday the 21st is also the last day we can release the alpha before
the holidays, so please take extra care to hold to the freeze policy for a
successful Alpha 2.

The list of bugs targetted for alpha-2 can be found in a couple of different
places, according to your tastes:

This milestone is intended to be used for tracking bugs that must be fixed
in order for the alpha release to happen.  If you have doubts about whether
a bug should block the alpha, please err on the side of caution by using the
milestone for the bug so that the release team can review it.  Please also
consider helping with the bugs already listed there if you have the time.

The number of bugs blocking the alpha is expected to be relatively small, so
if you don't have any milestoned bugs assigned to you, please consider
helping with the list of bugs that are listed as release-critical for hardy
as a whole: <>.  Again, please
use your best judgement with regard to the alpha freeze when uploading fixes
for these bugs.

Please also help us to get the archive in a consistent state again for the
alpha, as described on

Steve Langasek
On behalf of the Ubuntu release team


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