Feature Freeze in Place, Tribe 5 Next Week

Jonathan Riddell jriddell at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 17 11:09:52 BST 2007

Feature Freeze in Place, Tribe 5 Next Week

Feature Freeze and Upstream Version Freeze are now in place.  From now
until release we should be concentrating on polish and bug fixing.

If you do want new packages, new versions of packages in or are still
working on new features which you think will not add more problems
than they take away please follow the Freeze Exception Process by
filing bugs and subscribing ubuntu-release or motu-uvf as appropriate.


Please also make sure that specs assigned to you for Gutsy are updated
to their current status (which should be at least Beta Available if
not Deferred or granted freeze exception).


Our next testing CD, Tribe 5, is scheduled for next Thursday.  The
archive will be frozen on European Tuesday morning.  We have plenty of
bugs targeted for it, if they are unlikely to be fixed in time and you
feel we can release tribe-5 with them in place please re-assign them
to a later target.


If you find bugs which need to be fixed before the tribe-5 release,
please add that as a milestone.

Most of the uninstallable packages are on Sparc but there's a few on
other platforms too so please take a look for items which should be



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