Seed Location Change

Scott James Remnant scott at
Thu Jun 8 00:16:32 BST 2006

The location of the seeds has changed; they are no longer hosted via
sftp on chinstrap, but are now hosted on the supermirror!

You can see the list of the seed branches here:

Anyone can get a copy of the seeds via http[0], using the URLs mentioned
for each page, which are of the form:$FLAVOUR.$RELEASE

Where $FLAVOUR is one of "ubuntu", "kubuntu", "edubuntu" or "ubuntu-server"
and $RELEASE is "edgy", "dapper", etc.

Everyone in the ubuntu-core-dev team (not just Canonical staff,
finally!) has write access to the seeds.  Make sure your SSH keys are
registered in Launchpad (from your personal page), and you can
branch/pull from and push to the following location:


Where $USER is your launchpad user id.

The current version of the seeds has been pushed, so you should update
your checkouts now.  Make sure to use "bzr pull --remember" and "bzr
push --remember" to store the new locations.

Someone adventurous might even try using that new-fangled cvs-mode.


[0] This updates daily at the moment, I'm pestering spiv to have it
    updated at every push; which is apparently easy to do
Scott James Remnant
scott at
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