Preparing the Edgy release plan

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Jun 5 23:37:34 BST 2006

= General information =

 * Much of the planning for Edgy will take place at the Paris summit

 * For general information about the developer summit, see

 * If you will attend the summit, please ensure that your details are
   added to

= Registering proposals: What to do =

For any subject you would like to propose for discussion at the summit,
follow these steps:

1. Register a specification in the Blueprint system.  First, ensure that you
   aren't duplicating an existing proposal.  You can browse the list of
   existing entries here:

   It also works well to search Google for "ubuntu spec <keywords>".
2. If your specification is not already represented, you can register it

   Use the Summary field to write a short abstract explaining your idea.
   This should be complete enough for others to understand.

3. (Optional) You may begin work on an initial draft specification
   in the wiki, but this is not required.  Many specifications will be
   discussed and written during the summit, though some work may be done
   before, after and outside of the summit.

4. If you will be attending the summit, propose your specification for
   discussion at the summit by clicking the "Add to Meeting" link and selecting
   "Ubuntu Paris Developer Summit".

   If you will not be attending, you may still propose a subject for
   discussion as above, but proposals from attendees will be preferred, as
   there will be at least one person who understands the idea and is willing
   to participate in discussion.

(about two weeks before the summit).

= What happens next =

The Ubuntu Technical Board will review and prioritize specifications during
the week prior to the summit (12-19 June), based on criteria such as:

- Relevance to the goals of the Ubuntu project, such as improving ease of
  use, promoting broad availability of free software through the Ubuntu
  distribution, enabling the use of Ubuntu in many languages and regions,
  and otherwise making Ubuntu the best that it can be

- Relevance to the goals of the Edgy release, which will be characterized by
  aggressive, visible improvements and a high tolerance for risk and change

- Likelihood of completion during the Edgy cycle, as limited time is better
  spent discussing projects which are more likely to succeed

- Importance of face-to-face discussion at the summit, as specification
  priority will influence the summit schedule, and some topics require more
  high-bandwidth discussion than others

Developers will hold group discussions at the summit on a variety of topics
and develop feature specifications.  When complete, they will be submitted
for review, and a review team will provide feedback on the specifications,
which will then be revised by the authors until they are final.

The end result of this process will be a set of completed and approved
specifications which will form the basis of the development plan for the
Edgy release cycle.  The development team, under the guidance of the
Technical Board, will decide which specifications they can implement in the
time available, and these specifications will become official Edgy goals.

The progress of official Edgy goals will be monitored throughout the release
cycle, and project resources will be focused on their completion.  It is
important to establish these goals early in order to ensure a smooth and
predictable release (see

= Questions and comments =

Please follow up to ubuntu-devel at with any questions or
comments regarding this process.

 - mdz
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