Call for kernel testing (desktop/server)

Ben Collins bcollins at
Tue Feb 21 15:52:30 GMT 2006

As we enter the last 6 weeks of Dapper development, it's long over due
for a wide call for testing of our current Dapper kernel (2.6.15 based
with loads of goodies for everyone).

Our kernel code base is relatively stable at this point. We're only
interested in fixing bugs, and only those fixes that don't require us to
sync with 2.6.16-git development :)

The main point of this testing (for me at least) is to catch regressions
from breezy. It is far more important for us to make sure we don't lose
users because of a non-upgrade issue, than to fix a long standing
superficial quirk.

The second reason for testing is to get some usage out of our server
kernels. Most people will simply want to use -server. If you have the
equipment to test -server-bigiron, I envy you.

The -server kernels are meant for server (non graphical/desktop)
performance. Our main kernels are tuned for interactivity (PREEMPT
enabled, 1000HZ), while the server kernels are hard work tuned (No

Testing can be done in several ways. Probably the easiest and least
intrusive way is to just test a liveCD. Alternatively, if you feel up to
the task, you can upgrade an existing Breezy system to Dapper. While
upgrade testing is important, please make sure you distinguish issues
caused by a problematic upgrade from those that are actual bugs on a
clean install.

After upgrading (or booting the liveCD), you can visit:


And follow the instructions.

If you file any bugs, please make sure to apply them to the correct
package. Issues dealing with hotplug and device setup are usually
against udev, while kernel bugs, and driver failures should be filed
against linux-source-2.6.15 (At Please do not file bugs
on "unsupported hardware" just yet, unless of course this hardware was
supported in Breezy and went AWOL on dapper (e.g. Wintel modems fall
into this category).

Here's a link to the latest Dapper images. If you discover an issue,
please upgrade to the latest packages and retest before submitting a bug
report. If you are using a liveCD, or experience an installer issue,
please try the latest daily image before submitting a bug.

Thanks for the help, and hopefully with everyone's assistance we can
make Dapper the most stable release ever!

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