It's the HUG DAY!

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu Feb 9 11:32:12 GMT 2006

Hello Ubuntu Lovers!

With Upstream Version Freeze past us, we finally can focus on getting
bugs fixed and get all the bits and pieces together. The best thing for
us to do at the moment is getting an overview over our bugs. We'll have
a Hug Day to to help our Bug Team to get up to scratch and everything

But we want this to be a special Bug Day. We're going to have lists of
things to do of different Ubuntu teams, so we can better track the
impact we had. Planning is one thing, but we'll surely stick to our
concept of success: the Hug Day. This is a very special Bug Day: on Hug
Day, when someone closes a bug, then someone else should hug him/her.
Why? This is a very special way for us to tell everyone that we love
contributions! And triaging bugs is a really big contribution.

Who can join the Hug Day? Everyone. You don't need to be a developer.
You don't need to know to code. Everyone is welcome. If you don't know
how to help, then just come and we'll explain you everything.

In a Bug Day, you can

 * work in a nice team,
 * make sure the bug reporters' concerns are heard,
 * gather all the information needed so developers can fix bugs,
 * close useless bugs,
 * find out where the bugs come from,

and eventually

 * work together with upstream to make changes happen,
 * get experience in hacking and fixing bugs.

We will try to triage as many bugs as possible, but specifically look
into the targets outlined at

Where to join the Hug Day? #ubuntu-bugs on freenode IRC. And you can go
there every other day too!

When to join the Hug Day? Next hug day is on February 17th, 2006 In all
timezones. But again, you can go there every day and help with triaging
the bug tracking systems.

We can't stress it enough: everyone can help. So join us for the Hug

Make a difference: join the Bug Day on .... We will be in #ubuntu-bugs
(Freenode) all day and night, and will be ready to answer your questions
about how to help.

If you're new to all this, head to

Have a nice day,
 Daniel (for the Bug Team)

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