Distro Sprint Day 6 Summary - Final

Jane Weideman janew at canonical.com
Sat Feb 4 17:30:25 GMT 2006

This is the last edition of **Distro Sprint News** as the Distro sprint
wraps up today.

Today's progress is listed below: 


More work went into server-candy including switching daemons to use
common ssl-cert-snakoil certificate.

The espresso source code was reviewed and interesting ways to write
syntactically correct python were discovered .

Help screens for the new graphical boot loader restored; work is in
progress to make them localisable too. This will involve rewriting them
in XML, writing a python script to translate that into the form gfxboot
wants, and setting up po4a to make the XML translatable.

PostgreSQL fixed for the 'common server SSL certificate' spec.

Serial mouse autodetection worked on, including an attempt to gather
data from the community (nobody has responded yet :'-|)

Further work carried out on the initscript removal for the
thin-client-faster-startup spec.

ALSA brought up to spec with the new world order, fixing many sound card
initialisation bugs in the process.

Gnome stuff further explored.

Pitivi packaged. (http://pitivi.org)

Evolution rebuilt without gstreamer0.8, continued working on moving the
desktop from gstreamer0.8 to 0.10 - only one package remains to be
dcompleted. It will "fixed" rsn now :)

Uploaded a new rhythmbox upstream version fixing some crashes and
including generic player support.

The distro team also followed the progress of the Soyuz roll-out

Further bug triage during any spare moments.


That's it for the Distro Sprint. Over and Out.

Jane Weideman
mobile: +27 83 779 7800
Canonical Ltd.

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