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Scott James Remnant scott at
Fri Aug 25 10:47:47 BST 2006

We've had a discussion at the distro team sprint in Wiesbaden about
how we can further improve the time for archive administration tasks
such as NEW queue processing and Debian package syncs to be handled.

Therefore we announce the following two changes:

 - The first is that in addition to the usual ongoing processing that
   the archive admins do on a daily basis as and when time permits,
   each admin will have an "archive day" on which they will treat the
   work as higher priority.

   These will be initially arranged as:

     Tuesday: Scott James Remnant (Keybuk)
     Friday: Colin Watson (Kamion)

   If you have any queries, or outstanding requests, feel free to
   contact the appropriate person on these days.  Urgent requests may
   of course be directed on any day to be dealt with.

 - The second is a change to the policy for requesting Debian package
   syncs.  All sync requests should now include the following

    - Version of Debian package
    - Debian package component (main, contrib, non-free)
    - Copy of the new debian/changelog entries
   If the Ubuntu package has been changed, the sync request must also
   include the following:

    - a confirmation that the Ubuntu changes should be overridden
    - a description of each of the Ubuntu changes (a bullet point list
      is fine, but copies of debian/changelog aren't) and the reason
      why each one may be dropped

   The reason for this change is that several sync requests have been
   received which overrode necessary Ubuntu changes, and has resulted
   in each request being subjected to more strict checking meaning
   they take longer.

   This change means that the results of basic checks the requestor
   should be performing anyway are more readily available to the
   archive administrator so that less stricter checking may be
   performed and the queue processed faster.

With these changes we hope that all requests should be fulfilled no
laster than a week after them being filed, unless there are other
circumstances (eg. discussion required).

Ubuntu Archive Team

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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