Dapper beta freeze has begun

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Fri Apr 14 19:00:26 BST 2006

The beta release of Dapper is scheduled for next Thursday, April 20th.
Until the beta is out the door, we are in a period of greater caution for
package uploads.  Please consider in advance the potential impact of your
uploads, as the release team will begin to build candidate CD images for the
beta very soon.

- Freeze exceptions will generally be deferred unless they fix issues which
  could block the release.

- Automated upload queue processing may be suspended during part of the
  freeze, meaning that uploads would need to be manually approved by an
  archive administrator

- If you haven't tested a daily CD in a while, now is the time!  The more
  bugs we find in advance, the less bug triage there will be to do after
  the beta is publicized.


 - mdz

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