Applying for the Ubuntu Desktop team

Marco Trevisan marco at
Thu Mar 26 13:49:42 UTC 2020

Hi desktoppers,

I've been around here for some years, previously working in
unity-desktop and maintaining also the packaging side of it, (generally
for unity and bamf [1]), and more recently handling the packaging for
the gnome-shell stack (mutter [2], shell [3], but I also contributed to
mozjs, gjs, the extensions and many other gnome packages [4]).

I've to thank Iain who has been sponsoring most of my shell and
debian-related contributions and Seb who sponsored many others (like
nautilus in the past cycles and libfprint stack now), but also Ken who
published various unity packages in the past.
My sponsored packages include a good number of debs in both ubuntu [5]
and debian [6] (although these links don't include most of them).

In the past years, I've also helped the team with the transition to git
from bzr [7] and very recently, moving all the packages repositories to
salsa [8].

I've waited some long time before applying, cause I'm not in love with
formalities, but I feel like I'm part of this team since some years now,
even without dput-powers :).


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