Weekly newsletter 1st September 2017

Iain Lane laney at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 1 17:00:55 UTC 2017

= Snaps =

Initial support for authenticating using PolicyKit has landed in snapd
master. It is now possible to log in to snapd using your
username/password on the machine instead of having to have an Ubuntu One
account. Further changes are awaiting review to allow you to actually
install and remove snaps in this way too.

gnome-system-monitor was uploaded to the snap store.

Libreoffice 5.4.1 is available for testing in the edge channel (but
doesn’t work under wayland yet)

= Printing =

We landed PCLm print output support. With this all known driverless
printing standards are supported, making most modern printers work under

= Captive portal =

Captive portal detection is now in the Ubuntu default install. When
you’re behind a captive portal, Network Manager should pop up the
network’s login page. This communicates with an Ubuntu server to decide
if you are behind a captive portal. The check can be disabled by
visiting Privacy in Settings.

= Updates =

GNOME was updated to 3.25.91
chromium stable to 60.0.3112.113, beta to 61.0.3163.59, dev to

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