Remove Python2 for 18.04?

Bryan Quigley bryan.quigley at
Fri Oct 27 19:22:19 UTC 2017


2 items keeping python2.7-minimal on the livecd.

 * cifs-utils

Was added in 2010 for using a CIFS root= in casper.

That seems like a very specific use case, that could just be on a
customized image? (it also appears in server manifest)

* ibus-sunpinyin

Was added 9/2017 [2] as part of moving from fcitx.  This package
hasn't been updated since 2013.  Previously we've added it to the
desktop session and then
removed for ibus-pinyin for size (and in this case it seems better maintained).

Once installed, I believe the remaining libpython2 are both due to
Samba, which is well known as a blocking python2 dependency :
gnome-control-center from a temporary patch for printer sharing
gvfs-backends - from samba support

Kind regards,


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