Weekly newsletter 2nd June 2017

Iain Lane laney at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 2 17:08:44 UTC 2017


The desktop seeds are now updated


This means that GNOME Shell is now the default desktop environment and this
will filter down into the daily ISOs, for now though there are still some
dependency chains to fix.

We are aware of a bug in the daily ISOs which is causing GNOME Shell to
fail to start. It is recommended that you hold off testing until this is
fixed. We will send a separate followup when this is done.


= LivePatch =

We’re adding unit tests for the changes needed to software-properties to
show the LivePatch status information and putting the finishing touches
to the Ubuntu SSO dialogue.

= QA =

We added upgrade tests for Xenial to Zesty and Artful.  We’re expecting
people will want to upgrade from LTS to non-LTS in order to test GNOME
Shell, and we want that upgrade experience to be flawless.

ISO, Ubiquity and Upgrade test results have been added to the Grafana
dashboard.  We are fixing some issues in the reported metrics for ISO
tests before making the dashboard public.

= Updates =

Fwupd is updated to 0.9.2 in Artful.  You can install a firmware update
for some Logitech “unifying” devices with this version - although the
update is still under test.


Chromium: Beta is 59.0.3071.71, dev to 60.0.3107.4.  Chromium 59 should
be promoted to Stable this week and uses Gtk3.

We’ve upstreamed a lot of system-config-printer fixes and they have all
been accepted.

More theme fixes are being reviewed for Ambiance/Radiance on GNOME

The H2DP profile fixes can be tested in a PPA detailed in this bug:


= Snaps =

GNOME 3.24 platform Snap for Xenial is now available.

Exciting news for GNOME Builder users.  We’ve been working on Snapcraft
integration to generate Snaps directly from Builder.


Please take it for a spin and report any problems you find.

= Trello =

We’re tracking our day to day work in Trello. It’s public (read only).
You can see it here


= In The News =

The Fraction Scaling / HiDPI hackfest starts on Monday in the incredible
Taipei 101.



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