Advanced input methods in 17.10/18.04

Gunnar Hjalmarsson gunnarhj at
Wed Aug 16 18:26:25 UTC 2017

On 2017-08-16 18:52, Mitsuya Shibata wrote:
> Hi all,
>>>> 1. Implement support for Fcitx in g-c-c and keep Fcitx as the
>>>> default IM framework for CJKV. (Does anybody have time to add
>>>> Fcitx support to g-c-c? Would it be possible to have it
>>>> accepted upstream?)
>>>> 2. Keep Fcitx as the default IM framework for CJKV, and let the
>>>> affected users live with the missing g-c-c integration. (I
>>>> can't tell how well tested the use of other IM frameworks but
>>>> IBus in Ubuntu GNOME is.)
>>>> 3. Go back to IBus as the default IM framework for all
>>>> languages.
> (snip)
>> IMHO option 3 would be something rollback, but saves manpower to
>> work on items. If we want decent features, I'd recommend we go
>> either Option 1 or 2.
> How about this?
> It seems that fcitx support in g-c-c is not implemented yet on daily
> build. Is there any branch or ppa to test it? If so, I would like to
> try it.

I don't think (guessing here - please correct me if I'm wrong) that any 
work on fcitx support in g-c-c has been done yet. Also, I haven't 
noticed that any decision on the topic has been made yet, neither for 
17.10 nor 18.04.

If we assume that no integration will be available in 17.10 and that it 
*may* be available in 18.04, we still need to decide on the default IM 
framework for 17.10.

Mitsuya, it would be valuable if you could evaluate option 2, i.e. fcitx 
as the default IM framework for CJKV without g-c-c integration. While 
Aron mentioned it as a possibility, Ikuya Awashiro raised some doubts.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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