Advanced input methods in 17.10/18.04

Mitsuya Shibata mty.shibata at
Wed Aug 16 16:52:34 UTC 2017

Hi all,

>>> 1. Implement support for Fcitx in g-c-c and keep Fcitx as the default IM
>>> framework for CJKV. (Does anybody have time to add Fcitx support to g-c-c?
>>> Would it be possible to have it accepted upstream?)
>>> 2. Keep Fcitx as the default IM framework for CJKV, and let the affected
>>> users live with the missing g-c-c integration. (I can't tell how well tested
>>> the use of other IM frameworks but IBus in Ubuntu GNOME is.)
>>> 3. Go back to IBus as the default IM framework for all languages.
> IMHO option 3 would be something rollback, but saves manpower to work
> on items. If we want decent features, I'd recommend we go either
> Option 1 or 2.

How about this?

It seems that fcitx support in g-c-c is not implemented yet on daily build.
Is there any branch or ppa to test it? If so, I would like to try it.

Mitsuya Shibata
mty.shibata at

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