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Robert Ancell robert.ancell at canonical.com
Wed Aug 9 02:08:11 UTC 2017

Thanks for the feedback Paul!

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 5:16 PM Paul Smith <paul at mad-scientist.net> wrote:

> On Tue, 2017-08-08 at 04:02 +0000, Robert Ancell wrote:
> > I've tried to summarise the status quo - feedback / changes welcome!
> I didn't understand the gnome-boxes / Remmina comments on the wiki page.
> In the "Core Apps" section gnome-boxes is not included and it is not
> marked "Proposed for inclusion" but it does say "Replaces/will replace
> functionality in Remmina".

Sorry for the confusion.

It's not marked proposed for inclusion because no-one has (yet?) proposed
it here on the list. When we briefly looked at it at GUADEC the size was
too large. But if anyone thinks it should still be proposed please email
this list and update the Wiki page.

The note about replacing Remmina functions came out of a discussion at
GUADEC - apparently the upstream vision for the project is for Boxes to
completely cover both virtual machines and remote desktops. I don't believe
the remote desktop support is complete yet. But in the future it might be a
compelling replacement.

> Then in the "Other Default" section, Remmina is marked "Proposed for
> removal" saying it will be replaced by gnome-boxes.

> So I don't quite understand the state of these two.  Should "gnome-
> boxes" be marked as "Proposed for inclusion"?  Or are you proposing no
> remote desktop app installed in the base system?  I think that would be
> unfortunate as I think it's something people would expect to find these
> days, if it can be made to fit.

I've reworded this to hopefully be clearer. Note that the "proposed for
removal" links just means it's been brought up on this list, but doesn't
mean that proposal would be successful (someone will change it to "was
proposed for removal in 17.10" or similar at the conclusion of that

Finally, as far as I can tell gnome-boxes doesn't support RDP (Windows
> Remote Desktop Protocol).  If true this means it's not useful to me as a
> replacement for Remmina.

I've linked to the RDP bug to be more specific.
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