Default App: GNOME Clocks

Didier Roche didrocks at
Tue Aug 8 14:55:54 UTC 2017

Le 08/08/2017 à 09:24, Sebastien Bacher a écrit :
> Hey again there,
> Le 08/08/2017 à 06:20, Robert Ancell a écrit :
>> Based on verbal discussions most people seem keen for it to be shipped
>> by default, with a blocking issue being the alarms being unreliable if
>> that app closes:
> My understanding is not that they are unreliable but not working at all
> if the application is closed since there is no background service.
> I'm a bit unsure about this one since it's needed to be able to add
> different timezones to be displayed in the clock indicator, which is a
> nice feature and that we had out of the box in unity, but at the same
> time it feels wrong providing an application were a core/important
> feature is not working (if you provide alarm/reminders to users they
> might rely on those and it's quite a let down if it's not working).
> Iain said at GUADEC that it sounded like a job for making use of systemd
> and that he would be interested maybe to have a look.
> In any case I would say +1 if we fix or remove the non working features
> but -1 otherwise.

An intermediate fix until we turn it into a proper system service would 
be to do something similar than what we did with rhythmbox: if an alarm 
is scheduled, the quit signal is turned into hide window. Then recalling 
this gapplication just show back the main instance.

The remaining issue would be if you schedule an alarm and reboot though, 
but it could be quite a good intermediate solution for this cycle and 
then, we fix this properly next one with more available developer cycles?


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