Blu-ray recording support

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at
Wed Mar 25 16:40:59 UTC 2015


i am developer of libburn and found this message in the
web archive of

federicotg at wrote:
> What I'd like to
> suggest is that at the very least we add cdrecord to either universe or
> multiverse.

If this makes it easier for the user to get cdrecord, then
as a competitor i wholeheartedly support such a move. 

> The reason is I feel we are failing to our users regarding Blu-ray burning
> support.

The problem is far less with the backends than with the
GUI frontends.

xfburn-0.5.2 does Blu-ray via libburn.
It would be nice, nevertheless, if some Xfce library experts
could look into the reproducible crashes if the program is
run in non-amd64 versions. Neither apport nor valgrind
delivered insight by their stack traces resp. memory
usage supervision. It crashes out of clear sky.
See about "crash".

Afaik, K3b uses growisofs for non-CD media by default.
growisofs burns Blu-ray. There are complaints around about
K3b and a growisofs bug at the end of the burn run, which
should now be fixed in Ubuntu.

My program cdrskin burns Blu-ray via libburn and was designed
to be usable as replacement of cdrecord by K3b and alike.
The K3b project made changes to its recognition of cdrecord
versions which prevent older versions of cdrskin from being
accepted. But hopefully cdrskin-1.3.4 can be used.

Brasero could easily adapt to Blu-ray via growisofs or libburn.
But there seems to be no maintainer on that technical level.


If any skilled GUI programmer wants to fix problems in the
frontend programs or start a new one, then i offer support
about backends based on libburn and with growisofs.

My only contribution to the world of GUI programs is a demo
in Tcl/Tk to show the advantages of a xorriso dialog slave
over batch mode backend programs:
xorriso is responsible for the composition and production of
ISO 9660 and for the management of drive and optical medium.
The GUI program cares for presentation and some user guidance.
It issues commands to xorriso which manipulate or inquire
the emerging filesystem model.

I dare to state that libburn has more versatile Blu-ray
support than cdrecord. It offers a choice between formatting
and non-formatting, and on formatted BD media a choice
between fast writing and checkreading while writing.

Have a nice day :)


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