Desktop Weekly Summary

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Fri Jun 19 14:06:19 UTC 2015

Hey there,

If you are looking for news of what is happening in desktop world you
are at the right place, keep reading ;-)

As in most weeks, we had our IRC weekly meeting, you can read the
details in the log on

robert_ancell didn't send his weekly notes before the meeting but did
after, so I'm adding them to the email
"- Removed old Vala versions from wily
- Updated GNOME packages to 3.16
- Migrated some packages from Python 2 -> 3"

For those who would like to have an overview without reading the
detailed log, here is a summary of some of things we worked on that
might be interesting to you

* Ubuntu Make 0.8.2 was released with fixes for visual studio and
support for the new x86 version
* we ported some of our remaining python2 code to python3, still work
needed there though
* tests got fixed
* the vala default got changed to 0.28, deprecating 0.26 on the way
* gstreamer and evolution stacked updates are being prepared in ww ppa
* work continued on the snappy personal image, the image builder and
channel are working fine, the tools are being updated to support the new
channel and the image is close from successful boot to a lightdm greeter
* usually bug triage|fixing & package updates work

That's it for this week

Sebastien Bacher

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