Recovering bogofilter in Evo... how can we do it?

Paul Smith paul at
Tue Jan 13 22:03:47 UTC 2015

My largest lament since I moved to newer versions of Ubuntu is that I am
being overwhelmed by spam since I can no longer use Evolution's
bogofilter plugin:

SpamAssassin is slow, crufty, and (for me anyway) wrong almost as often
as it's right.  When I was using Evo's bogofilter plugin it was very
fast, simple to train, and gave great results almost immediately.  I
could leave my spam folder alone for a week or more, and even just
delete it unseen, without much fear of losing anything useful.  Now, 20%
of my spam still lands in my inbox PLUS I need to check my spam folder
constantly as important stuff is constantly dumped there.

This makes me sad.

I get the logistical issue around universe vs. main, but this seems like
a functional regression just to satisfy a distro policy decision.  It
doesn't matter to me whether I get Evo from main and bogofilter from
univers, vice versa, or both from the same place.

How can we solve this problem for Vivid?

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