Coordinating work around newer upstream Nvidia drivers for users

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Thu Aug 13 11:59:22 UTC 2015

On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 2:12 PM, Michael Larabel
<michael.larabel at> wrote:
> Is there any thought to also making "more official" along similar lines any
> of the open-source driver PPAs? Namely like the Oibaf PPA that ships latest
> Mesa and X components? Any improvements and support there would be helpful
> to users of Intel and Radeon graphics now that Mesa is achieving OpenGL 4
> compliance and will soon be able to run more Steam games with decent
> performance for Radeon/Intel.

Hi Michael,

I am unfamiliar with most of the AMD stuff, and I'm hoping someone
more knowledgeable will comment on it. As you can see we kept PPA name
vendor-unspecific so if someone wants to step up maybe that can

> If there's enough interest and once monitoring how well the existing PPAs
> (or if there's a new centralized/official PPA) are evolving I can set it up
> to trial on a few modern NVIDIA systems to see if it's worthwhile.

I think that's very generous of you to offer this and I think it'd be
worth setting it up. Real performance data over time will end up being

Jorge Castro
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