Coordinating work around newer upstream Nvidia drivers for users

Arup Roy Chowdhury arup.chowdhury at
Thu Aug 13 08:40:31 UTC 2015

I have been using oibaf ppa for long and with good results and stability
but for LTS, it only supports LTS 14.04.1 and not the later. Also AMD
Catalyst PPA is dicey due to AMD's not supporting latest xorg but can be
done for LTS and it would be an excellent idea.


Arup Roy Chowdhury

On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 11:42 PM, Michael Larabel <
michael.larabel at> wrote:

> Hi Jorge,
> This indeed would be a good move to make it easier for Ubuntu gamers to
> easily have access to the latest drivers. The newest NVIDIA drivers bring
> some improvements for the higher profile Linux game ports while having the
> latest AMD Catalyst Linux driver tends to always be critical for gamers.
> Is there any thought to also making "more official" along similar lines
> any of the open-source driver PPAs? Namely like the Oibaf PPA that ships
> latest Mesa and X components? Any improvements and support there would be
> helpful to users of Intel and Radeon graphics now that Mesa is achieving
> OpenGL 4 compliance and will soon be able to run more Steam games with
> decent performance for Radeon/Intel.
> If help is needed with testing, I can easily have a number of systems
> within my automated test farm do automated tests of new driver packages.
> - this is
> one of the "trackers" I run right now on Ubuntu systems on a
> fully-automated via Phoronix-Test-Suite +, daily basis of
> using the latest Oibaf PPA packages + Ubuntu Mainline Kernel PPA for
> tracking the performance of the latest Git kernel/Mesa code on different
> Intel/Radeon hardware. It could be useful seeing if a particular driver
> push into any new PPA directly benefits performance or at least seeing if
> any games fail to run on a particular build.
> I'd imagine that the PPA wouldn't see updates daily so Phoromatic already
> supports running on a triggered-basis, a.k.a. automatically whenever it
> sees there are new packages available to apt-get. Then the results could
> automatically go out on a new tracker under or
> wherever.
> If there's enough interest and once monitoring how well the existing PPAs
> (or if there's a new centralized/official PPA) are evolving I can set it up
> to trial on a few modern NVIDIA systems to see if it's worthwhile.
> Cheers,
> Michael
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