Default File Manager with Unity8 in future desktops

J Phani Mahesh phanimahesh.ee510 at
Fri Jan 31 19:16:27 UTC 2014

>> a) collect requirements
>> b) file whishlist bugs
>> c) if *you* want to contribute, get in contact with the developers
>> (CCed)

Hello folks!

Let me add my share of requirements.
 - Uncluttered, minimalistic interface
 - Dual(Multi?) panes, Multi tabs. (Look at Gedit and play with Ctrl+N
and Ctrl+Alt+N to get an idea of what this would be like.)
 - Multi select like Nautilus has. ( Ctrl+S and *.png selects all png files)
 - Sensible default key bindings that users expect. (Eg: backspace to go
back in nav. )
 - Customizable key bindings.
 - Sensible search. Search by default in the same directory,
checkbox/some other mechanism that toggles recursive searching. Allow
changing default. Leverage mlocate for faster results while also doing a
proper recursive search.
 - Tags/comments for files. (I love this, but I may be alone.)
 - Extensible and scriptable using existing language(s?)

Whoa! Big list there. I can share some work. Point me at something.

There should be some discussion before some of these can be turned into
a set of wishlist bugs. Lets discuss.

This is probably my first mail here, so let me introduce myself. I'm
Mahesh, a self proclaimed ubuntu enthusiast, ubuntu user for some time
(~8 yrs), am in the team that developed unity tweak tool, can code in a
bunch of languages, read a good portion of QML docs (reading still
more), worked on GTK, learning QT, considered good at spotting bad
designs but probably not as good at designing stuff on my own.

J Phani Mahesh

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