Default File Manager with Unity8 in future desktops

Jono Bacon jono at
Thu Jan 30 21:53:21 UTC 2014


On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 9:21 AM, Oliver Grawert <ogra at> wrote:
> hi,
> with the planned switch to unity8 in 14.10 it is most likely that we
> will also start using the converged QML apps that are developed today.
> With all the complaints and unhappyness about Nautilus upstream ripping
> out things like dual pane and other beloved and helpful features I
> expect we can do better and I think this is the right time to:
> a) collect requirements
> b) file whishlist bugs
> c) if *you* want to contribute, get in contact with the developers
> (CCed)
> the new core apps are all 100% developed by the community under guidance
> of the canonical design team.

...and the community team. ;-)

> the code for the filemanager can be found at
> it is running on phone and tablets already and has a proper convergence
> mode adapting to bigger screens.
> lets get the discussion rolling ;)

I think this is a great time to understand what the File Manager app
would need to do for it to provide core feature parity on the desktop.
I think though we should constrain this around what it needs as a
minimum to ship as opposed to a Christmas list of ideas.

The File Manager team has been doing a tremendous job, and maybe a
good first goal is that it is shippable (maybe not by default) with
14.04 and the Unity 8 preview session.


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