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Ravi Kumar ra21vi at
Sun Sep 8 09:00:22 UTC 2013

Hello Comminity,

Its just feedback, please do not get jumping. I had a concern.

Day by day, Hardware is getting better and powerful, windows os is getting
better and better UX and functionality. Linux based mobile platform (ie.
Android) is getting better and amazing.

Why Linux based Desktop distros then have persistent problems and affecting
UX. Just an example, almost 3 yrs ago, I bought Dell XPS 15z. Installed
Ubuntu, something worked, something didn't. Wireless connectivity then also
was pain.
1 year ago, I assembled myself a powerful workstation with Core i7, 16GB
RAM, ATI GFX, SSD+HDD, ASUS Wireless Card with Logitech G300 mouse, just to
have my Ubuntu workstation for development work. Installed Ubuntu 12.04, it
was disappointing.
Wifi was slow, internet was breaking a lot. I followed some
articles/answers from Ubuntu forums and askubutu. Nothing worked.
Dropped the idea, installed Windows 7, bought necessary software, AV etc,
and spent my half year without any issue. For development I had to use
Vagrant+VirtualBox+Ubuntu minimal without GUI.
With Ubuntu 12.10 release, I thought to give it a try and see if that
works. Well, it failed, and had some new issues. I again switched back to
Windows + VirtualBox + Vagrant.
With 13.04, again nothing better. Wifi not performing better, graphics on
ATI lagging. Does not feel like I am on high end workstation. Logitech
mouse is not working smoothly, accuracy and acceleration is bad. Mouse
extra keys are not working, as expected. I tried tweaking all aspects of it.
On Windows, I don't have to do anything literally. Installed, tested and
started my development work.

My one question is, why Ubuntu is not really focusing in solving the issues
in the core in Desktop versions. Why so many tricks and tweaks exists and
may or may not work. Years and years passed, so many contributors are
involved, still fails to few or many, I don't have idea.

P.S - I didn't mean anything negative, its a valid concern. If you are
taking it in negative perspective, just delete it.
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