WebKitGTK 2 for Trusty?

Adam Dingle adam at medovina.org
Sat Oct 26 15:36:00 UTC 2013

As we all know, Ubuntu is staying with GNOME 3.8 for 14.04 (Trusty).  
Has a decision been made about whether Trusty will include a WebKitGTK 
2.x package?

I'd certainly like to see one.  Applications that want to run both on 
Ubuntu and Fedora can limit themselves to the features in GTK 3.8, 
since GTK is (mostly) backward compatible between releases at the 
source code level.  But for applications that use WebKit this is 
harder, because the latest Fedora includes only WebKitGTK 2, and Ubuntu 
has only WebKitGTK 1.  At Yorba we develop the mail client Geary, which 
uses WebKit for its message rendering, and this divergence is becoming 
a serious problem for us.  We want to support both platforms, but being 
able to run on two different versions of WebKit is not so easy since 
they differ in many ways and we rely on various subtle WebKit behaviors.

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