Improving the out of the box game controller experience

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Fri Oct 11 17:18:10 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

With Steam bringing in the game devs I've been working on a dedicated
game machine. Since there's some new attention in this area I thought
I'd bring the experience to the list. I was thinking that we could
probably do a better job supporting game controllers out of the box:

The Xbox controller was relatively straightforward (I can't comment on
the PS3 as I don't have the hardware), but it's still not usable to
normal people. I was wondering if someone would be interested in
working on software-properties-gtk to make it so when someone plugs in
either controller the user is prompted to install the right software
and it all just works.

As it happens I have a spare Xbox controller and cable that I can mail
to someone. There are some other minor issues as well, like
blacklisting xpad and xboxdrv needs an upstart job, but it doesn't
seem overly complex.

I'm sure we can drum up some support for getting a developer a PS3
controller if they're interested in fixing those controllers too.

Jorge Castro
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