Staying on GTK/GNOME 3.8 next cycle/for the LTS?

Adam Dingle adam at
Tue Oct 1 19:16:33 UTC 2013

I've used Ubuntu every day for 7 years and am active in the GNOME 
community.  The fact that Ubuntu lags one release behind GNOME is 
already a significant burden for me.  I often spend time building the 
newest version of GNOME apps, which can be challenging since Ubuntu's 
libraries lag behind.

If Ubuntu stays with 3.8 for Saucy+1 (i.e. starts to lag two releases 
behind GNOME), I'd quite possibly switch to Fedora or Debian.  Staying 
with 3.8 could be fine for most users, especially if Canonical wants to 
focus most of its energy on phones and tablets.  But for anyone who 
wants to use the latest GNOME apps and especially anyone who wants to 
contribute to GNOME development, two releases back is just too much.


On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 2:17 PM, Brian Curtis <bcurtiswx at> 
> Hi to all,
> I personally think staying at GNOME 3.8 would not be a great decision.
> In my opinion Ubuntu is starting to turn into a Redhat. I think it 
> used to be the leader in the latest and greatest in the community of 
> free and open source software, and ever since a majority of canonical 
> has been tasked with touch TODO's it seems more and more scared of 
> continuing the path with the latest and greatest. This seems true for 
> the desktop team as well.
> GNOME has already released a stable 3.10 and has already started on 
> 3.12. The work that seemed to go into going from 3.6 to 3.8 this 
> cycle seemed to happen early and was minimal compared to what's been 
> going on with the touch stuff.
> I'm not going to claim to know what workload is entailed with going 
> to 3.10 next cycle, but what drew me into Ubuntu in the first place 
> was that it wasn't afraid to have the latest and greatest software 
> available to all desktop users. I hope that we don't lose that great 
> aspect of Ubuntu just because the work entailed from touch tasks is 
> taking over your time.
> Thanks,
> ~Brian Curtis
> On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 1:45 PM, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at> 
> wrote:
>> Hey everyone,
>> I know this cycle is not finished yet, but in case some of us start 
>> thinking about next cycle, I wanted to start a discussion on the 
>> GNOME version to use for the lts.
>> I think we should stick with GNOME 3.8 another cycle, here are the 
>> reasons why:
>> - we (Ubuntu Desktop) are currently mostly happy with what we have
>> - the focus for the Ubuntu Desktop team is likely to continue to be 
>> Ubuntu Touch/phone next cycle
>> - due to the previous factor, we are going to be limited in 
>> resources to do desktop work
>> - it's a LTS cycle, we should focus on bugs fixing if possible
>> - GTK 3.10 deprecates several options, it would be good to stay away 
>> from those controverses for the LTS
>> (see as an example of what is 
>> going to happen once we deprecate those options)
>> - it seems like the next RedHat enterprise edition is going to be 
>> based on GNOME 3.8, if that's the case it would make sense for us to 
>> focus on bringing quality to the same version/share the maintainance 
>> work a bit
>> What do other things? I guess the Ubuntu GNOME Remix is going to 
>> want newer version, we should try to accomodate that need if we can. 
>> One way would be to do the "fork" of gnome-control-center we have 
>> been talking about for a while. Blocking GTK to 3.8 is likely to 
>> make hard to update GNOME components anyway, if we decide to go this 
>> way...
>> What do others think?
>> Cheers,
>> Sebastien Bacher
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