Raring installation problems

Xavier Guillot Valeryan_24 at laposte.net
Wed Mar 6 13:46:54 UTC 2013

Dear all,

First excuse me if my mail is off-topic, but I'd like to draw attention 
on two important bugs that make installation and use of Ubuntu 13.04 

Since it has been decided yesterday during online UDS that Raring will 
finally well be released and not directly jump in Rolling, it seems 
important that... everybody will at least be able to install it !

But there is a bug reported since many months which makes Raring 
installation from LiveCD impossible with some (extended) partitioning :

Ubiquity : "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring 
installation hangs"

Another one which makes impossible to mount eSata devices (only USB 
works) because util-linux needs to be updated :

"Util-linux needs updating to 2.22+" & "x-gvfs-show option doesn't work"

I'm sure that people in charge of corrections are fully competent, but 
as there is no recent news letting know that those bugs, which for me 
are critical, will be soon resolved, I wonder if the concerned 
developers or quality team are aware of them.

As feature freeze is here, release of 13.04 in one month, I preferred to 
alert on these, sorry if it was useless !

Thanks in advance. Best regards,

Xavier Guillot

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