Make Ubuntu usable when 'universe' is disabled

Ma Xiaojun damage3025 at
Thu Jun 27 19:10:57 UTC 2013


I've tried this on a Ubuntu 13.04 box and noted the following issues.

1. unity-webapps-* is in universe, the "Install" dialog still pops up but
nothing appears after clicking "Install".
2. Large portion of the Qt stack, including "ubuntu-sdk" is in  'universe',
3. "libnspr4-0d" is needed by Adobe Flash plugin, but it is in 'universe',
maybe 'main' is better.
4. "ubuntu-restricted-extras" is in 'multiverse' but many of its
dependencies are in 'universe', I think the dependencies are better placed
in 'multiverse' given their non-free nature.

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