Default Browser Follow-up

David Klasinc bigwhale at
Thu Jun 13 10:38:52 UTC 2013

On 06/12/2013 12:16 AM, Jason Warner wrote:

> What is important, and ultimately should be the deciding factor, is the
> common end user experience. Which browser, in the common case, will be
> the best for the general end user? Things I consider relevant to this
> discussion are quality/stability/robustness, familiarity, ease of use,
> and overall user experience.

I use both browsers. Chrome/Chromium and Firefox. There is probably no 
answer to this question. Ease of use, robustness and familiarity are 
more or less the same for both browsers.

Saying that one is better than the other is silly.

Best bet? Ask user at the installation time and give option to install 
any of the major browsers. And keep one default.

> The secondary case to consider is web developers. I firmly believe that
> web developers would use both browsers on a regular basis, though do
> they generally prefer one browser to another? I don't consider this case
> to be a deciding factor, but rather could push one over the top if there
> isn't a clear front runner.

Web developers will have both installed. To them it _really_ shouldn't 
matter which one is the default. It is mostly a personal preference 
which one is used for primary development and which ones are used for 
testing only.

> I'd like to reiterate one point: Neither browser is going away. If
> Chromium is the default, Firefox will continue to be available to those
> choosing Firefox. Vise versa for Chromium.

No matter how hard you try and whatever happens, there will be people 
who won't be happy with the choice. Even if installing another is only 
three mouse clicks away. :)

I really don't care about the default and most tech savvy shouldn't. In 
this discussion we need only information that is relevant for 'regular 
user'. So, why would my aunt be happier with Chromium/Firefox?

In the end we come to integration. Which one is better integrated with 


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