Possibility to switch the default file manager?

Xavier Guillot Valeryan_24 at laposte.net
Sat Jul 6 15:19:47 UTC 2013


I like this idea.

However, even if Nemo doesn't become the new default file manager, it 
would be good that someone takes care of an official package for Ubuntu 
and adapts the following points :

- Remove Cinnamon dependency

- Add patches for total integration in Unity and Ubuntu One

More generally, Nautilus lack of functionalities and customization is 
not the only problem : all Gnome 3 applications are going to take the 
same look, ie no more global menu (only one entry which is the main 
title), all options are put on a button on top right, like Chromium.

So no possible to use fine in Unity with global menu, Hud and no 
coherence with other programs : user experience is broken.

It makes Ubuntu devs to work at each release to re-adapt Gnome 
applications to Ubuntu theme :

Nautilus, Evince, Eye of Gnome... no more all menus on top, less buttons 
on the default interface, it is a regression IMHO.

I hope that with the unification of desktop and Touch, with QT and Mir, 
this will be solved in the future.

Thanks and best regards,


On 06/07/2013 17:01, Kai Mast wrote:
> Hey guys,
> there are many people unhappy with the direction Nautilus is heading.
> However I understand that with the switch to Qt/Mir there is no manpower
> currently to develop a own filebrowser.
> I wonder, however, why it is not possible to switch the default
> filebrowser in Ubuntu via the GUI.
> For example, Nemo (the cinnamon fork of Nautilus 3.4), can be used as a
> drop in replacement for Nautilus by setting a symbolic link
> from /usr/bin/nautilus to /usr/bin/nemo. I wonder why there is no option
> in the settings, or a at least a package that does this for me?
> So my questions are: Are there any plans to switch the default browser?
> Who should I talk to to implement such a feature (switching the default
> browser manually)?
> Thanks,
> Kai Mast

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