Possibility to switch the default file manager?

Kai Mast mail at kai-mast.de
Sat Jul 6 15:01:15 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

there are many people unhappy with the direction Nautilus is heading.
However I understand that with the switch to Qt/Mir there is no manpower
currently to develop a own filebrowser.

I wonder, however, why it is not possible to switch the default
filebrowser in Ubuntu via the GUI.
For example, Nemo (the cinnamon fork of Nautilus 3.4), can be used as a
drop in replacement for Nautilus by setting a symbolic link
from /usr/bin/nautilus to /usr/bin/nemo. I wonder why there is no option
in the settings, or a at least a package that does this for me?

So my questions are: Are there any plans to switch the default browser?
Who should I talk to to implement such a feature (switching the default
browser manually)?

Kai Mast
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