Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Mon Feb 4 09:44:21 UTC 2013

Hey Mike,

Le 01/02/2013 23:50, Michael Terry a écrit :
> Is there much reason to install gvfs-fuse by default?  The comment in
> the seed is "let non-GNOME apps see GVFS via fuse."
I think the rational was "it provides some useful feature and doesn't 
take too much disk space", at a time where less applications were using 
gio and where we didn't think so much about memory usage

> I think non-technical users are not likely to manually be pointing apps
> at ~/.gvfs/*.  But fuse also lets apps that ask GIO for a path for a
> remote URI be transparently given a ~/.gvfs path.
I don't think non-technical users are likely to browser 
/run/user/<user>/gvfs paths (those are the new .gvfs) but the 
gtkfilechooser has integration for those and will list the active mounts 
in its sidebar iirc
> Do we feel like there are many apps likely to do this that don't declare
> a recommends on gvfs-fuse?  Are there any apps likely to do that in the
> default install?
That's a good question, we should probably investigate that indeed.

Sebastien Bacher

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