[Desktop13.04-Topic] GNOME plans review

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 16 18:58:31 UTC 2012

Le 16/10/2012 20:14, Robert Bruce Park a écrit :
> Whoa whoa whoa... I never hear about Fedora or SuSE having these 
> clashes with GNOME. Are you sure the problem is really with GNOME and 
> not with us? Maybe this problem isn't "GNOME doesn't cooperate with 
> distributions" but rather "Canonical doesn't cooperate with GNOME." 

Did you hear about Ubuntu "having these clashes" with GNOME? I don't 
think we had strong public disagreements but it doesn' mean we don't 
have an opinion on how things are doing. I'm sure other distribution 
have similar issues (at least Debian has, from what I can tell by being 
on their channels and following their discussions). OpenSUSE is also not 
strictly following GNOME since they have a different release schedule. 
I've seen several discussions on the Gentoo side about issues with GNOME 
choices and how it impacts them recently as well. Sure Fedora doesn't 
have such issues, at the same time their focus is on shipping the 
current code from $upstream, they do target hackers and enthusiast users 
rather than enterprises and consumers, and most of GNOME hackers work 
for Redhat...

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