[Desktop13.04-Topic] GNOME plans review

Tim darkxst at fastmail.fm
Tue Oct 16 04:35:18 UTC 2012

On 16/10/12 15:08, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
>> One element to think about also is how that would impact the GNOME remix if the plan there is not ship the latest GNOME...
> Seb, I blame the remix idea on you. ;) Anyway, if the GNOME remix
> becomes an official flavor, I was hoping to then ask for permission to
> include the GNOME3 PPA due to our unique overlap with the flagship
> Ubuntu release. It's still a bit of a handicap as I don't think we
> could gain that trust if we included things that regressed Unity.
> If we don't fork ubuntu-control-center and ubuntu-settings-daemon off
> from gnome-control-center, then I don't believe it will be possible to
> ship GNOME Shell 3.7/3.8 next cycle. The last two cycles we've shipped
> the latest GNOME Shell but with bugs due to incomplete g-c-c/g-s-d
> support in Ubuntu (for 12.04 it was http://pad.lv/965921 with keyboard
> shortcuts not able to be configured from System Settings and for 12.10
> it was 1045914 with a missing keyboard layout status menu). It's a
> reasonable guess that for 3.8, the GNOME developers will move
> aggressively to kill fallback mode and make optimizations and GNOME
> Shell will depend on those newer optimizations.
> A big reason for the GNOME remix is to show that you can contribute to
> GNOME from Ubuntu. I worry about what happens when most users are
> using a different distro than most developers. Shipping an outdated
> GNOME means that we have a much less compelling story to tell these
> developers.
> Jeremy
Whatever happens I think its important to maintain compatibility between Unity and Gnome-shell. It would be terrible to end up back where we
were at 18months ago where installing gnome-shell (from the ppa) broke everything else.


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