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Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at canonical.com
Thu Oct 4 08:52:24 UTC 2012

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Sebastien Bacher wrote on 28/09/12 09:02:
> Le 28/09/2012 04:18, Jeremy Bicha a écrit : ...
>> - Ubuntu has 46 patches for gnome-control-center 3.4 in Quantal; 
>> Debian Wheezy has 6.
> Yeah, though 10 of those 46 are git*, e.g upstream backports, 
> that's still quite some patches though.

I've previously offered to review the list of patches. Probably we can
drop some of them.

> ...
>> - An example of the most extreme patching is the 
>> Appearance/Background panel. 
>> http://bicha.net/img/system-settings-appearance.png
>> And this is what GNOME is doing now: 
>> http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.6/figures/users-system-settings-background.png
Wow, that's completely bonkers. I can't even tell how someone is
supposed to change the background. (Is that a giant button?)

>> How are we supposed to merge those two designs and are we 
>> dependent on getting Canonical to redesign this panel now that 
>> GNOME has redesigned theirs? It would make the work a lot easier 
>> if the Unity-specific stuff were moved to a separate panel.
> Yes, seeing the new design I think it would make sense to make a 
> new panel for unity rather than keeping to patch over the 
> background one.

If users have to care which parts of Ubuntu are "Unity" and which
aren't, we've screwed up.

Given that, and given that the upstream "Background" is crack, I think
the best option is to to keep our existing forked panel.

>> - A second example is the pointless extra icons next to Personal,
>> Hardware, and System which was done wrong so it's broken if you
>> use Adwaita or worse, any of the accessibility themes, or almost
>> every theme really: 
>> http://bicha.net/img/system-settings-adwaita.png
> That's going away, the design of the grid screen in 3.6 is close of
> ours, I don't intend to keep patches for such minor details 
> (especially if those create issues like the one you are pointing 
> there)
> ...

Those icons are a prime example of a patch that should be dropped. :-)

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