New "Additional Drivers" location not discoverable

J Phani Mahesh phanimahesh.ee510 at
Wed Nov 21 17:25:22 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 21 November 2012 10:29 PM, Michael Hall wrote:
> We can add back the "Additional Drivers" .desktop file,  but change the
> Exec line to "software-properties-gtk --open-tab=4"

It should not have been removed in the first place, but now that its
happened, this would be helpful. Though I suspect it wont be of much use
since it doesn't reflect unless the user does an upgrade with -updates
enabled. ( -updates is the place for this to go, in case its done, right? )

Assuming we decide to do this, what package will (can) carry this patch?

J Phani Mahesh
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You deserve something amazing and free from restriction, you
deserve free software.(free not as in free beer but as in free speech)

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