New "Additional Drivers" location not discoverable

Michael Hall mhall119 at
Wed Nov 21 16:59:56 UTC 2012

We can add back the "Additional Drivers" .desktop file,  but change the
Exec line to "software-properties-gtk --open-tab=4"

Michael Hall
mhall119 at

On 11/21/2012 10:39 AM, Brandon Watkins wrote:
> I've seen quite a few new ubuntu users having a lot of trouble finding the
> correct place to install proprietary drivers in ubuntu 12.10, since it was
> moved into software sources.
> "Software Sources" doesn't really mean anything to a novice user and they
> do not think to look there to install their proprietary drivers.
> When they can't find how to install their drivers via the gui, they google,
> find some outdated commandline instructions,  bork their system, and then
> complain how hard it is to install drivers in ubuntu.
> It should somehow be made more obvious and discoverable where to get
> nvidia/ati drivers.

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